Georgia archaeological research design papers

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Mississippian Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain (In Press)

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University of Georgia, Laboratory of Archaeology Series, Report No. 2, Georgia Archaeological Research Design Papers, No.

2. Hatch, James W. Lamar Period Upland Farmsteads of the Oconee River Valley, Georgia. Georgia Department of Transportation Occasional Papers in Cultural Resource Management The Georgia Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Occasional Papers in Cultural Resource Management series consists of archaeological and historical research sponsored by the Georgia DOT.

Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History, Number Georgia Archaeological Research Design Paper No. 10 (). Exploration and Trade in the Deep Frontier of Spanish Florida: Possible Sources for 16th-Century Spanish Artifacts in Western North Carolina.

Mississippian Period Archaeology of the Georgia Coastal Plain (In Press)

A Research Design to Conduct Archaeological Investigations at the Site of the “Beeswax Wreck” of Nehalem Bay, Tillamook County, Oregon December The compilation and dissemination of primary data from multiple sources and across large areas is one of the major challenges facing the archaeological profession in the twenty-first century.

Recording Paleoindian Projectile Points in Georgia Jerald Ledbetter, David G. Anderson, and Scott C. Meeks Detailed recording of Paleoindian projectile-point data has been underway in.

Georgia archaeological research design papers
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