Course outline of china s economy

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Economy of China

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China plays for time in U.S. trade war with subtle shift in rhetoric amid weakening economy

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trade dispute. Description In this course we use the basic micro and macro economic s tools to better understand the modern Chinese economy. The course provides a broad survey of economics as applied to the analysis of the Chinese transition from. The final two weeks of the course will be devoted to student-led Panel Discussions to enable a deep exploration of some of the major themes presented throughout the course: themes that continue to be hotly debated both within and outside of China and which make the Chinese economy such a.

Course Outline (A SIDC CPE approved course) Title:Asia, Africa and Russia’s economy; and 3. Discuss on the impact of Belt and Road on the Malaysian Capital Market Time 9: 00 - 45 China’s Belt and Road COURSE TITLE China’s Belt and Road Initiative: Impact on Malaysian Capital Market.

This course analyses the development of China's economy between ideology and economic necessity, dramatic failure and extraordinary success. This part of the course covers the period sincewhen the People's Republic of China was established.

Course outline of china s economy
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